Sunlight was pouring through the clouds, illuminating her room through her window. The view from her window was amazing. He walked towards it, but saw her bed on the way and collapsed with exhaustion on it. “Hope you don’t mind, but unlike you I didn’t get to sleep in late today.” “Don’t worry about it.” She took off her outer coat and was wearing a beautiful turquoise blue dress underneath. Standing by the fire place in her room, she placed the platter of strawberries on the small table just next to the chair she was on, and picked one up. Lathering it thickly in the sauce Andrei had made, she carried it to Alexandre and forced him to sit up.

Holding one hand over his eyes, she opened his mouth and put the strawberry in. “Chew it, savour it!” she ordered him. He laughed, and almost choked on the strawberry. “Please tell me that you’re not choking again?” she laughed and he shook his head. Finishing the strawberry, he rose form the bed and walked to the tray.

“You Serbians hide the best the world has to offer, and hardly ever share it!” He picked up another strawberry, and ate it straight without the sauce. She laughed, and sat down in the chair by the fire. He went and stood by her, eventually sitting on the floor beside her. There was only one chair in the room. Antonya felt guilty, her mother having taught her how to be a good host, and she sat on the floor with him.

“What? You can’t sit on the floor! Oh no! No!” He was shocked that she would do such a thing, but she didn’t care. If anything, it was warmer here on the floor by the fire. “Alexandre, you’re my guest! It’s rude for me to sit on a chair and for you to have to stand or sit on the floor. That is disgraceful! If you sit on the chair, then I will be happy, but if you sit on the floor then I will do so too. Plus, it’s warmer here.”

She smiled, and Alexandre fought so hard the urge to just wrap his arms around her and hold her tight. How beautiful she was! Especially with that smile on her face. She noticed his staring at her, but was glad he was doing so. She felt so different around Alexandre, but it was a good different. He talked to her, and she felt safe with him. She wanted to tell him everything that had happened, how much of a failure she was, and without realising it a troubled look crossed her face. She frowned, and walked to the window to stare out at the sky. Why couldn’t one day pas without her being truly happy anymore? Why couldn’t there be one day where she could enjoy life without one moment of sadness?

Alexandre saw the frown cross the princess’ face, but didn’t know what to do. Why was she sad? Had he done something? She rose and walked to the window, leaning against it staring out to the sky. “I tried, Alexandre, I’m sorry!” she whispered, bursting into tears. It was as if the sun shared her pain, for it disappeared from the sky, and Alexandre’s heart was shattered to see her like this. She undid her hair in anger, and it fell softly against her face. Her hazel eyes were glassy with tears, her cheeks moist in their wake.

He stood from where he was, and wrapping his arms around her, he moved her towards the fire, away from the cold window. They sat down on the floor again, and he reached for her hand. Holding it tightly, he drew her closer to him and held her close. They sat in silence for ages, watching the fire burn. “Antonya, why are you crying? Why do you think you’ve failed and need to apologise?” he softly questioned her. Fresh tears began to fall from her eyes, and she told him everything.
Alexandre had no idea of everything that had happened to her, and he held her tightly. “Why don’t you reject me” she asked, turning around to look in his eyes “like everyone else? They all turn away from me. Though they make out not to show that they don’t like me, I can always tell. Why aren’t you walking away, muttering under your breath like everyone else?”

He was taken aback by this. “I…well it’s because…I…umm…” he stuttered “It’s because…” unable to find the words to say it with, he lifted her chin and kissed her softly. “Antonya, I love you” he whispered in her ear, holding her face in his hands. She was frozen, not knowing what to do or say. He began to get nervous, thinking that she would reject him, but her arms wrapped around his neck, and she pulled his head down to hers.

“Alexandre, I love you too.” She whispered, and kissed him. Her soft lips pressed against his, and softly she kissed him, until he couldn’t bear it any longer, and kissed her more passionately. He pulled her in closer to him, and felt her heart racing against his chest. He broke free from her kiss and began to stroke her cheek. She rested her head against his chest and felt his heart beat – steady and strong, like him. He ran his hands though her hair and she kissed his knuckles. “Alexandre” she exhaled, and he kissed her. “Antonya, oh, Antonya! Don’t you dare let anyone else tell you what you should be like. I promise I won’t be like that. I love you Antonya. I love you!”

He let go of her, and leaned back against the chair. She stood, and picked up a strawberry. With tears falling from her eyes, she walked to the window, and ate it. The sun shone brightly again, and he stood and lay on her bed watching her. The sun lit up her wonderful hazel eyes, and a soft breeze blew her hair gently away from her face. The light on her pale face was soft, and her gown followed her fragile figure gently, the blue accentuating her dark hair and light eyes. She was like an angel, with her soft cheeks and innocent eyes. She sat on the window, and lifted the strawberry to her mouth. Her sweet tender lips hugged the strawberry as she went to bite it.

He leaned back on her pillows, and closed his eyes, overcome with love for her. Her eyes wandered over to him, and she got down from her window ledge. How peacefully he lay there. She walked over and softly kissed his cheek. His skin was gently tanned, his dark brown hair soft and messy, yet so becoming. His arms were so strong. She stood back and walked to her window. He lay there, in his white shirt and long brown fur coat, black pants and tall black leather boots that came up over his pants. Boots on her bed! Oh well, she thought. He opened his eyes, and she turned to look out the window once more.

He walked over, lifted her up and threw her on the bed. Throwing of his coat he jumped on top of her, and started laughing. Antonya had no idea what he was going to do, but she didn’t care. She loved him. He lay down on top of her and began kissing her again. “Antonya, you’re mine. As long as I am alive I will have you, I will love you, no matter what. I don’t care!” he yelled, and he kissed her fervently. She pushed her fingers through his hair and pulled him in closer. His hands ran down her body, and tears began to fall from his eyes. He lay beside her, and buried his head in her chest. She stroked his head and he cried.

“Antonya, I don’t want to leave you, ever. If I go somewhere, if I do something, I want to feel your touch, know your presence there with me. I love you Antonya.”