The rain was pouring heavily outside and had been doing so ceaselessly since a day ago. Occasionally it would get a bit lighter, and during these moments sun would shine through the shower, making the most beautiful display of light. It happened just then, and that’s when he saw her; sitting on the ledge of her window, head leaning against the window’s side, gazing up into the sky thoughtfully. Her long, brown hair cascaded gently down her shoulders, framing her troubled face, with its mysterious hazel eyes. He loved every bit of what he saw, but who was she? He had lived here almost his entire life, yet never once glanced upon such a wondrous sight.

She sat at her window looking up to the sky, wondering why life treated her so cruel. Her parents had never approved of her beloved Velibor, but to go this far was in the extremes. Did they dislike him that much? She had been sent away from home, to visit her Uncle’s family for 3 months. They lived in Moscow. She had to admit, this castle was truly beautiful, but she didn’t belong here. Her heart was not here with her, but rather with Velibor; and hence she found nothing pleasing. Every smile and happy face she encountered only enhanced the pain – each one unearthing memories that felt like a thousand knives being stabbed into her heart. She had been here for two weeks, and only a week after she had arrived had her Uncle informed her of Velibor’s death. She had not been outside since.

Tucking her hair behind her ear, she noticed a young man standing in the courtyard below, watching her with curious green eyes. Such deep, dreamy, almost hypnotising green eyes, she thought to herself. But there was a tinge of sadness in them. That tinge of sadness made her think immediately of Velibor. His dark brown hair fell about his face in such an untamed fashion, and his pale face only served to accentuate his eyes. Such nerve that he had to just stand there, staring at her. But she enjoyed his somewhat distant company, for his face held no immediate judgement upon seeing her. He didn’t seem pitiful like all the maids-in-waiting that her Father had sent to accompany her. Come to think of it, she hardly ever saw them.

Who knows how long they remained, just watching each other. She was grateful for his constant, yet distant companionship. It was almost as though he was healing her pain. She smiled at him, and it felt so good. Then she disappeared from sight.

His heart was racing. Truly she was amazing, but even more so beautiful when she smiled! How he loved that smile. He vowed everyday to return to the same spot. Then he caught hold of himself and remembered where he was.

She dressed up, and then called for one of her maids to enter. They came reluctantly, as they always did, but today she surprised them with her smile.
‘Please will you inform my Uncle that I wish to dine with him tonight? I wish to apologise for my appalling behaviour…’
‘Anything else your Highness?’
‘Maybe you could help me decide what to do with my hair? It’s been a week, and already I’ve forgotten how to do it!’
‘Oh, yes certainly your Majesty!’
The maid smiled and a sudden wave of relief filled the princess to see that look of pity gone from her face. Her hair was quickly done, and beautifully too, and then the maid walked to the door, calling to the princess before she left.
‘Is there anything else I can do for you my Princess?’
‘Oh, not really, but you could escort me to dinner…I’ve forgotten where it is that we usually eat.’
‘Your Highness, sometimes you truly are the most humorous princess I’ve served.’
‘Thankyou, I’ll take that kindly.’
She was the Princess of Serbia. Something about the way the young man had looked at her before had reminded her of how she should be, as if his almost angelic face had awaken her to the reality of life. She must move on. And so she did.